Races & Recaps

NYRR Father's Day Race Against Prostate Cancer 6.21.2009
Run for Central Park 4M 7.18.2009
Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff 5M 10.25.2009
Philadelphia Half Marathon 11.22.2009
NYC Half Marathon 3.21.2010
Scotland Run 10k 4.3.2010
Run as One 4M 4.11.2010
Run for the Parks 4M 4.18.2010
R Baby Mother's Day 4M 5.9.2010
Healthy Kidney 10k 5.15.2010
NYRR New York Mini 10k 6.12.2010
Father's Day Race Against Prostate Cancer 5M 6.20.2010
Gay Pride Run 5M 6.26.2010
Run Like a Diva Half Marathon 10/3/2010
Philadelphia Marathon 11.21.2010 (recap Part 1)
Philadelphia Marathon 11/21/2010 (recap Part 2)
Ted Corbitt 15k 12.19.2010
Scotland Run 10k 4.10.2011
AHA Start! Heart Run 3M 5.17.2011
9-11 Heroes Run 4k 9.11.2011  (spectated due to injury)
FITNESS® Mind, Body, Spirit Games 9.17.2011 (spectating due to injury)
Fifth Avenue Mile 9.24.2011
Grete's Great Gallop Half Marathon Norway Run 10.1.2011 (shortened due to injury)
Race to Deliver 11.20.2011
Gridiron Classic 2.5.2012
New York Colon Cancer Challenge 15k 4.1.2012
CPF Run for the Parks 4.22.2012 (skipped due to rain hangover)
Run as One 4.29.2012
Long Island Half Marathon 5.6.2012
AHA Wall Street Run 5.31.2012
Celebrate Israel Run 6.3.2012
NYRR Mini 10K 6.9.2012
Front Runners Pride Run 6.23.2012
Philadelphia Rock n' Roll Half Marathon 9.16.2012
5th Avenue Mile 9.22.12
ING New York City Marathon 11.4.2012 (CANCELLED)
Join the Voices 5M 12/2/12
NYC Half Marathon 3/17/13
Brooklyn Half Marathon 5/18/13
Celebrate Israel 4M 6/2/13
Front Runners NY LGBT Price 5M 6/29/13 (sick)
Lehigh Valley Road Runners Summer Series 5k  7/10/13
Lehigh Valley Road Runners Summer Series 5k 8/7/13
NYRR Fifth Ave Mile 9/22/13
Runner's World Half 10/20/13
Lehigh Valley Road Runners Summer Series 5k, 6/4/14
NYRR Oakley Mini 10k 6/14/14
Jerusalem 10k 3/13/15
Missoula Half Marathon 7/12/15

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