November 6, 2017

monday mantra: FUCK YES

It's been a while since I've written a Monday Mantra post but I feel like one is in order today (disclaimer: sorry for the potty mouth but these are Shalane's words, not mine! And she's the first American to win the NYC Marathon in 40 years so in my book, she can do no harm)
Thank you @SamSonOfRobin for creating a most perfect Gif!

Anyone else keep repeating "Fuck Yes!" in their head?!? As in

🏆 "Fuck yes, it was an amazing weekend for American women in New York City!"
👊 "Fuck yes, Molly Huddle won the 2017 USATF 5K national road championships on Saturday morning in a blazing fast time of 15:24! And, she did it while wearing an Erica Sara Designs necklace"

👏 "Fuck yes, badass mother runner Steph Rothstein placed in the top 10 at NYCM!"
👍 "Fuck yes, Allie Kiefer shaved 26 minutes off her PR to place 5th at NYCM!"

🙌 "Fuck yes, thousands of runners ran their first marathons, crushed their PRs, or simply gutted out a tough 26.2"
💋 "Fuck yes, Erica just added a bunch of new race designs on her website to celebrate!"
💗 "Fuck yes, ALL RACE JEWELRY IS 20% OFF with code NYCM2017 at until midnight tonight!"
"Fuck Yes!" new race jewelry designs! And 20% off today with code NYCM2017!
So, that basically sums up how I'm feeling on this Monday morning and how I plan on approaching the rest of the week. I have my first post partum race on Sunday, a local 5K, and I plan on channeling as much Shalane as I can to get through it. Hoping to feel a whole lot more "Fuck Yes!" next Monday too!

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