October 13, 2015

Tis the Season for Custom Designs

I can always tells when race season is in full swing by the emails in my inbox. The requests for custom race designs come pouring in! It seems that every day I'm working on a new design for a different race. I think that's what's so cool about ESD- how personal and customized I can get. There are times when I wonder why on earth I don't try to focus on a few specific designs to grow my business and rake in the big bucks. But then I remember, that's not why I started my business and will never really be where my heart directs me. Instead, I get to work one on one with folks, designing with their specific goals and accomplishments in mind.

For example, take Fe's bracelet. Fe asked me to design a keepsake for her first marathon, the Wineglass Marathon that took place a couple of weeks ago. One of her friends from Brazil would also be running it as her first 26.2 and she wanted to get them matching bracelets incorporating 26.2 miles, 42 km (the measurement used in Brazil), Wineglass 2015 and hearts.
Front of the bracelet, engraved with Wineglass Marathon 2015 and an ESD Run charm hanging off. We chose a wine colored suede strap to complete the wineglass theme.
Photo courtesy of Fe. The back of the bracelet is engraved with 2 hearts wrapped in banners that show the 26.2 and 42km distances. 
And then there's the new MDI design I just shipped out today. I received a request from someone for a custom MDI Marathon charm and since I loved the race logo, I really really wanted to engrave it! For the record, I have never and would never engrave someone else's design without their permission. I contacted someone from the race and Gary Allen, the race's director, granted me permission to use it. How cool is that! Although I'm not surprised as Gary is a pretty stellar guy and a great member of the running community.
MDI Marathon Charm Design. The race logo on the front, race details and signature lobster design on the back.
Sometimes, I design custom ideas to support not only the race participants, but a philanthropic cause. This season, I'm proud to collaborate with the Free To Run Foundation on the Free To Run Columbus charm, just in time for this weekend's race. The foundation was formed in 2012 to unite runners, walkers and endurance athletes in the fight against modern day slavery and other injustices. 20% of the proceeds from the sale of this charm will be donated directly to the organization.
These three designs are just the tip of the iceberg! I love creating custom designs so if you've got a race approaching and would like to commemorate it, please don't hesitate to contact me for something special. 

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