August 19, 2015

A Giveaway Winner & A Touch of Hope for this Mama

When I was pregnant, I engraved an ESD necklace that said "HEALTH JOY LOVE STRENGTH GRACE BEAUTY FAITH MOTHERHOOD " Ha! I'm actually wearing that necklace as I write this blog post and when I put it on yesterday, as Emmett grabbed my hair and tried to pull it off of me with his mouth, I couldn't help but laugh. Given what I now know about motherhood, I probably should've engraved "MOTHERHOOD COFFEE SLEEP PLEASE SHOWER SANITY SLEEP NAP" Don't get me wrong, I love this kid and am so insanely happy that I get to be his mom. But at the same time, motherhood is kicking my ass and leaves me little time to do even the basics like finishing a cup of coffee or showering in the morning. And sticking to a running schedule? Ha! Forget it!
How perfect! I was wrapping up this post, stood up and stepped right into my cup of coffee! Why was it on the floor you ask? Because we had to move our coffee table to block the fireplace so that Emmett wouldn't play with the it. I figured that a picture of the necklace + the spilled coffee might make you laugh while I try not to cry because now I don't have coffee ;) 
Yes, this gets me down once in a while. I'm enjoying not having any races on the calendar for the first time in years but I really miss having goals. And there are mornings I wake up and don't know what to do with myself, the old me battling the realities of this new crazy life. Lately, when I feel overwhelmed or lost, wondering if I'll ever get it all under control again, I take a deep breathe and try to remember that women have been doing this, and excelling at it, for years. I just need to take one day, sometimes one hour or crying fit, at a time and I'll be ok. I think that's why we're all lucky to have so many role models out there in the wonderful world of the internet. When I was pregnant, and since I've had Emmett, I've looked to so many amazing moms I follow on social media as role models. Seeing that they've survived the first years of their kids' lives, and now seem to have their stuff together, gives me the hope I need to get through the tough days. One such mom is Jen C, also known as Moms Gotta Run. When I see Jen online, I think "She's got it together! She's a mom, she's training for NYCM, she rocks... there is hope!"

So, it seems perfect that during this particularly difficult week (hello 9 month sleep regression!), when I asked rafflecopter to randomly select the winner of last week's giveaway, Jen's name popped it. This is a sign, right?!? The universe must be telling me that I too can get through this difficult stage and emerge on the other side with my sanity. In the meantime, I'll continue to turn to moms like Jen to give me the motivation and hope I crave.

Congrats Jen on winning a free entry to the Newport Liberty Half Marathon! This past weekend, Jen ran her second 16 miler in a row in prep for the NYC Marathon. I'm so excited that she gets to add this gorgeous race to her calendar as training for the biggest 26.2 mile NYC party of the year.  Jen also wins a custom engraved necklace by me and I cannot wait to hear what she's thinking for the design! Jen, shoot me an email at to claim your prizes!
Newport Liberty Half Marathon. Lucky Jen, look at this beautiful course!
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  1. Awwww, thank you so much Erica. You are an amazing woman. You are balancing motherhood, a successful business and life in general. I am humbled to think that I can be an example of sucessfully handling life and motherhood. It will never be easy, but easy is overrated. It will always be worth it! Thank you so much for the half marathon entry. I cannot wait to run NJ! And I am SUPER excited about a new necklace. My last one was a gift to myself for completing NYC 2013. Definitely time for new bling! xox