June 2, 2015

Hooray! National Running Day!

If you're a runner and you hang out on social media at all, you know that tomorrow is National Running Day. I'm not sure exactly when this very important holiday first started but I'm glad it did because it gives us runners another awesome excuse to talk about running. ;)

But really, I love any reason to find a way to run even on the busiest, most insane of days. Tomorrow, I'll be celebrating National Running Day by running the local LVRR 5k summer series race. With the Oakley Mini 10k less than 2 weeks away, training has been going pretty well, and I'm eager to see what I can pull off tomorrow. I have 4 miles on my training schedule so I'm hoping to tack on a mile cool down if Emmett isn't a total fuss bucket and lets his mom get it done.

And how will Erica Sara Designs be celebrating? I'm so glad you asked! We thought up two great ideas. First, a few of my favorite running themed necklaces & bracelets (and a tri necklace because why not?) will be 15% off on the site tomorrow, June 3rd, with code ESDNRD.
The Run necklace (modeled & picture by the stunning @missfitznyc) and the Custom Distance Plates are just two of the designs that will be on sale exclusively on National Running Day!
Also, we're doing #ESDMiles4$ to celebrate! Run your miles June 3rd and instagram or tweet proof of how many you ran. Proof can include pictures of your GPS watch or your treadmill. Include the hashtag #ESDMiles4$ and I will send you a coupon code for that $ amount, up to 26.2, off of your next ericasara.com purchase to be used within the next 3 months. So for example, you instagram a picture of your GPS watch that shows you ran 4.67 miles and I send you a coupon for $4.67 off your next order.
This run would've saved me $5.01 on my next purchase. See how that works? I mean, you're going to run anyway so why not save some $ while you're at it?!?
So, that's how we're celebrating National Running Day this year. How about you? Any races or exciting goals planned!?!

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