May 4, 2015

Weekend in Pictures

Did anyone else feel like they had the best weekend ever?!? The weather was absolutely perfect and we spent our time working around the house & spending time as a family. At the risk of sounding extremely cheesy, I kept having those "my dreams have come true" moments. 
Saturday morning started off with giggles and cuddles in bed with this guy
And then planting flowers! I've ALWAYS wanted a space of my own to garden. After moving out of NYC over a year ago, I finally got around to picking out flowers for our front yard. It was amazing to spend the day out in the sunshine, digging & planting!
Emmett supervised of course. The only think better than having my own space to garden was having my son and husband right there with me. 
I hear love will make a garden grow... so I smothered Emmett in kisses 
Water probably helps too ;)
More snuggles, this time after nursing and before bed. Some beautiful time together.
Sunday started with a visit from Antonio, an NYC buddy. Robert & Antonio headed out for a longish run while I baked post run treats: Polenta Crusted Quiche & Blueberry Muffins. I love a good excuse to have fun in the kitchen!
After some more yard work and lots of napping for Emmett, a family walk to our favorite local tavern for a late lunch. Robert snapped this picture of me on the way and I sort of dig the fact that you can tell I still a have a bit of my belly from pregnancy left. 
At lunch, we try to distract Emmett with toys so that he doesn't try to grab out drinks. He especially loves to longingly stare at Robert's beer. 
We took the long route home to stop at a local country concert. Emmett was certainly the youngest their. I guess this could be considered his first concert?
While Emmett took another short nap, I got a jump start on this week's Mother's Day orders 
And finally got my run done once Emmett was sleeping at 9:30 pm. Another better late than never night!
Now it's back to Monday but after such a wonderful weekend, I don't mind it so much. I have a feeling it's going to be a pretty stellar week. So how was your weekend? 

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