April 18, 2015

ESD Gift Wrapping Poll!

Every time a gift giving holiday approaches, I'm reminded that I'm horrible at gift wrapping. At least several orders request gift wrapping and I have to decline because the package would be a complete mess of wrinkled paper with torn edges and visible tape. The horror, I know.

But you know what I can do? I can engrave and I can tie a ribbon. Sounds like a great gift wrapping option to me, right? So just in time for Mother's Day, I'm adding a gift wrap option to ericasara.com. It will cost $6 & will include an engraved brass tag and a ribbon.

I've come up with two ideas but want to offer just one on my website so I could use your feedback. Which do you prefer? If you could take just a minute to vote below, I'll send you a coupon for free gift wrapping on your next order (valid until Mother's Day) as a thank you!

Option 1: Engraved Brass Charm with White Raffia Ribbon
Option 2: Engraved Brass Charm with Purple Satin Ribbon
To vote, leave a comment below with your favorite option and include your email address so I know where to send the coupon code for the free gift wrapping! And while I appreciate any additional feedback you have, please know that developing new concepts takes lots of energy, thought & time. I put a great deal of effort into new offerings and come up with the ideas I feel are best so requests for different ideas are always lovely but ...

The poll will be open until Wednesday evening and we'll start sending coupon codes out Thursday, just in time for Boston Marathon& Mother's Day gifts!


  1. Purple! Really pops off the color of the box.

    1. Thanks for voting so quickly! Don't forget to leave your email so I can send you your coupon!

  2. While I'm partial to purple because it's my favorite color, I think white would be best long term (especially if anyone were to purchase something for guys). Love the idea! - thailyr.scrivner@gmail.com

  3. Purple! Love the idea of simple gift wrap, and the brass tag is a perfect touch!

  4. White, simple and classic touch

  5. White. .. it's classic! kaevan@gmail.com

  6. purple, the contrast is so striking and pretty. email: gproteinr@gmail.com

  7. I agree on the purple color, it's so signature-ly you. Think of it like the Tiffany Blue boxes, only ESD purple! = ) email is aurora@aurorameyer.com

  8. White is classic! glorialam_2002(at)yahoo.com