April 22, 2015

Because When You're Watching a Marathon, Treats Are a Must

Monday was one of my favorite holidays of all time: Marathon Monday! To celebrate, I invited Jessica & Sarah over to watch the Boston Marathon. This gave me the perfect excuse to try a new recipe because how can you watch 30,000 people run a marathon without sitting on your butt eating gooey desserts, amIright?

I've been eager to bake cinnamon buns ever since Robert & I visited his family in Colorado last year. I woke up one morning to the scent of warm sugar & cinnamon. It was amazing... until it hit me that I wouldn't be enjoying the freshly baked buns because they weren't gluten free. I've been a bit obsessed with them ever since so when I realized I've be having guests over, it was just the excuse I needed to bake. After searching the interwebs for the perfect recipe, I stumbled upon this one and decided it would be the one. Good news is they came out beautifully!

If you decide to make this recipes, here are some helpful tips since gluten free batter/dough can be a sticky, messy disaster.

  • I added just a bit more brown rice flour to the batter since it was so so so sticky. Just an extra 1/4. It helped just a bit, although the batter was still sticky.
  • To roll out the dough, I used parchment paper instead of plastic wrap. I sprayed the parchment paper with oil and plopped the dough on it. I then sprinkled it liberally with arrowroot starch, used my fingers to press it into a square, and then a rolling pin to roll out out thinly. It worked perfectly and was so easy to roll up!
  • I let the buns rise for almost an hour in a warm place. This was key! I turned on my fire place and put them on the mantle above. You could probably also put them in a warm oven before you preheat it to bake.
Before rising. They ended up filling the entire pie plate with some warmth & time. 
The buns are under that red towel rising 
Sarah & Jessica teaching Emmett the glory that is Marathon Monday! 
Finished Buns. YUM.

We each ate 2 and I saved 2 for Robert which was pretty difficult to do. I "visited" them all day wondering if he really needed 2 ;)
How did you celebrate Marathon Monday? 

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