November 4, 2014

ESD Updates

I feel like I've been a bit MIA lately in all areas of social media. To be honest, this pregnancy stuff has me more tied up than I realized it would. I figured I'd carry this baby around for 40 weeks and then, once it was born, I'd be tired and busy. Turns out the busy, exhaustion, overwhelmed feeling begins well before the baby is even born! Who knew?

As of Thursday, I'll be 39 weeks pregnant. One more week to go! Or maybe less....  or maybe more?  Aside from wanting to sleep all day, I think not knowing is hardest for me right now. I haven't shut down, and I don't plan on it (more on that below) so I'm doing my best to get all opens orders out on a daily basis. Today, I was literally engraving and/or soldering each piece as orders were coming in and my assistant was packing them to ship. The last thing I want is to end up in labor while people wait for their jewelry! Yes, I'm insane. I know. Between getting orders out, finishing the nursery, packing my hospital bag, and making sure I have the essentials for Baby Reese when (s)he arrives, I've had little time for anything else and I realized I owe you guys a bunch of stuff. So here it is, some updates in one compact blog post. Thanks in advance for understanding!

The "A Pretty Awesome Giveaway" winner!
Congrats Elizabeth R. on winning this awesome package of goodies including a whole lot of Blissful Eats Granola, an assortment of Sparkly Soul headbands, a Mamalete tank and a custom engraved ESD bracelet!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Please contact me as soon as possible at to collect your prize (the sooner the better.. you know, labor coming & all! lol )

ESD Cheers is on Hiatus

Yes, it's a true. A total bummer, I know and I'm sorry. Like I mentioned above, I'm stretched thinner than I thought possible and the ESD Cheer Squad has taken a hit. Turns out I'm not super woman after all which is quite upsetting but I have to face the facts. ESD Cheers actually takes a ton of work from collecting sign ups to organizing by race, date, etc... tweeting, following up, creating discount codes, yada yada yada... and I've dropped the ball on this one. Not because I don't care, because I really truly love cheering as you all on, but because I have no energy this late in my pregnancy. So my sincerest apologies to anyone who didn't get their cheer or celebratory discount in the past couple of weeks. If you signed up and didn't get one, it's on it's way in a special email for you tomorrow. I hope you all had amazing races and conquered your goals. Looking forward to cheering you all on again in the Spring once this kiddo is here and I have motherhood all figured out. Or even just a little figured out.

I'm a Mamalete in training
A ginormous THANK YOU to Gia for featuring me as yesterday's Monday Mamalete! Read about my journey towards motherhood and how it's impacted my workouts in yesterday's post.

Maternity Leave? Nope.
I've received a bunch of emails asking about ordering deadlines before I take maternity leave so I figured I'd address the question in this post. I don't plan on taking an extended leave. Please don't tell me I'm crazy... I'm well aware. Support & love is what I'll need though, not discouraging or negative vibes, ok?  I've already let you know that I've been filling orders as they come in. The plan is to continue to do so until I'm in active labor. Then I'll have the baby (yay!!!), take a few days off, and pick up where I left off. There will be time to rest once holiday season is over and I'll probably take a week or 2 off them. But in the meantime, I'm lucky to have an amazing support system and team to help me keep my business running so that's what I intend to do. There may be some changes, I may not take on very custom pieces for holiday or I may remove more complicated pieces off the site for a bit, but I'll make those decisions as I'm faced with them.  If, for any reason, things don't go as planned and I do need to take some time off, I'll be sure to let you know.

So that's what's up for now. Hopefully my next update will include a picture of a newborn in it or something along those lines. Wish me luck!


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