November 7, 2014

Dreaming at 39 Weeks... and a gift to you for the weekend

As of yesterday, I'm 39 weeks pregnant which is awesome but also torture. You'd think that after a gazillion years of women getting pregnancy, scientists would have solved several issues like morning sickness, acid reflux and determining real due dates. This not knowing this is driving me crazy!!! I interpret every movement or change as the possible beginning of labor. What? Me, control freak? Nah... ok, maybe ;)
I've given up on trying to take those "Look I'm pregnant & beautiful" pictures. Instead, this is my "keeping it real" picture. Days of severe nausea and lack of sleep has me looking worn out... but still happy & grateful for this little one.
But seriously (or maybe not that seriously), I really thought this baby would be here by now even though my expected date isn't for another week. I just assumed that once Robert got back from the Marine Corps Marathon, and since we didn't go to NYCM, Baby Reese would realize it's the perfect time to arrive and would give me a few weeks to recuperate before the holiday season, and Robert some time to rest before the Philadelphia Marathon. Turns out the kid is stubborn- must take after it's father ;) The good news is that as (s)he's hanging in there, brain development is continuing so ok, cool, hang in there little kid.

When I woke up this morning, I rolled over in bed and told Robert about a dream I had last night. In it, a whole bunch of professional runners were crossing the finish line at NYCM and as they crossed, they would all give birth. Kara cross the finish line, then gave birth. Shalane (who didn't even run NYCM!), Deena, and so on and so forth... as I watched them, I was insanely jealous. What does that mean?!? Lol. Nevermind, I know what it means. Robert was amused and then told me of his own dream in which we were holding a press conference in a room resembling ESPN. The topic? His baby beard. Reporters were asking if he planned to shave it once the baby arrives and he left them hanging. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out this picture from the Runner's World instagram feed. The dude all the way to the left with the beard? My husband.
Photo credit: RW Instagram
I guess what all this means is that we're both so ready to meet our baby. I'm going to do a whole lot of bouncing around this weekend, on my birthing ball, on the treadmill, maybe a walk in the park, maybe dancing. Which brings me to my gift to you for the weekend. I stumbled upon this video this morning and have watched it 5 times. Yes, it's that good. So in advance, you are very welcome.


Oh, I almost forgot... another gift! The November birthday coupon is on it's way to all you November babies this morning. Wishing you a very happy birthday month! If you haven't signed up for the coupon, here's the link

Hope you all have a spectacular weekend!!


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