August 25, 2014

Nesting & the Arm Candy Giveaway Winner!

Happy Monday! I had a productive and busy, but great weekend. How about you? While Robert was away at Hood to Coast (lucky guy, pretending I'm not jealous), I got busy registering for baby stuff and painting Baby Reese's room. I probably should have taken a before picture of the bright turquoise walls.. ugh.. but now they are a lovely and soft white.

Now I guess it's time to get a crib and some furniture, a comfortable slider or rocking chair for those late night feedings.  I keep worrying that I'm missing stuff or that I'm putting the wrong things on the registry. Since I'll be working from home, Baby Reese will have a mini nursery in my office as well as the nursery upstairs. Here's what I've registered for so far: registry and we already have a crib mattress, 2 changing pads, some bedding and a running stroller. What am I missing?

So I guess I've been doing what folks call nesting, right? I think I'm just grateful to be in the third trimester. This whole motherhood thing seems a lot more real now and even though the morning sickness and exhaustion are back in full force (yes, lucky me, I know), I can't help but be stupidly happy and excited.

Of course, I'm not just nesting in our home... I seem to be nesting within the scope of ESD as well. Since I'm due mid November, which is the height of busy season in time for holiday, I've been working my bum off to get everything ready well in advance. The new race designs as well as a bunch of new styles will all be on my website by early September (crossing my fingers)! I'm working on improving the website navigation a bunch more and I'm working on the details of some early holiday promotions. Christmas/Hanukah in October, right?

But chances are, you didn't stop by to hear all about my nesting and baby stuff. I swore before I was pregnant that I wouldn't talk or write about it too much but I've found it's difficult to avoid it. I mean, it's my life right now, you know? Anywho, you're probably hear to find out if you've won the Arm Candy Giveaway.  So without further delay, the winner of the giveaway is.... a Rafflecopter giveaway
Congratulations Kasandra! Please email me at to claim your custom engraved bracelet! And thank you to everyone who entered. I've been sorting through your entries and noting all the feedback and requests. It's so helpful to hear from you and I'm certainly trying to work your ideas into some new designs!

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