August 5, 2014

A Banana Coconut "Ice Cream" Thank You

When I began Erica Sara Designs in late 2010, I was 100% on my own. I did everything from design to production, photography for the website, packing and shipping. I built my own website, handled all of my own marketing. I did every single thing I needed to do to ensure ESD's survival and growth. Through the years, I've had help here and there but there's never been anyone as invested as I've been- how could there be, right? ESD is my baby. But all that has changed. I finally have someone by my side who cares about ESD just as much as I do: my husband Robert.

Over the past few months, you may have noticed some changes popping up here and there. Back in June, Robert taught me a little bit about css code and I was able to redesign my website.  A few weeks ago, we launched a fresh newsletter!  And this past weekend, Robert spent all of his Saturday moving my website to it's new url and building my new press page.
Old Press Page
New & Improved Press Page!
Next on our list is a new gallery on the website, some improved photography, and behind the scenes inventory and finance tools to make my life a whole lot easier. In his free time, my husband has basically signed on to work with me on my company. It's a relief to have such amazing support, to have him by my side. And as much as I know he's doing it to help me because he loves me, and loves our family, I can't help but feel like thanking him in different ways as often as I can.

I've been trying to treat him to special meals as often as possible. There have been steak salads, shrimp kabobs on the grill, zucchini noodles with pesto using basil from my garden, waffles and pancakes for breakfast.... Oh, and there's been Banana Coconut Ice Cream.
I posted a picture of this homemade dessert on instagram the other day and was asked for the recipe several times. Here is the ridiculously easy recipe.

Banana Coconut "Ice Cream"
  • one can Coconut Milk, very very cold
  • 1 large very ripe Banana, peeled, cut into slices and frozen
Pour the very very very cold coconut milk into a Vitamix or super blender. Add the banana slices. Process until smooth and creamy.  If the ice cream is too mushy, pour into an air tight container and freeze.

I served mine with fresh blueberries and an espresso infused balsamic reduction. A balsamic reduction is basically balsamic vinegar with a bit of sugar or honey, cooked down over low heat. As you cook it, the vinegar will evaporate (and might be stinky so make sure there's air circulating) and you'll be left with a lovely syrup. I have a delicious espresso flavored balsamic I used but you can find just about any flavor in a good oil and vinegar store.

Unfortunately, Robert has been too good at helping and just last night discovered that someone has taken my old blog url, copied my copywright protected blog posts, and is using them as their own. I've spent my morning trying to update all links to my new blog and getting this copied blog taken down instead of adding the new bracelets I had planned for ESD this week.  Here's a sneak peek... hopefully they'll be on tomorrow!

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