July 25, 2014

ESD Cheer Squad is Back!

Scanning twitter over the past couple of weeks has left me giddy with excitement... race season is in full swing once again! I love everyone's race recaps, training updates and tweets about new goals. In fact, it even motivated me to update my own race calendar with some new post birth goals. I've added the Jerusalem 10k and the Missoula Half Marathon to my schedule. I'm already so excited. The races keep me motivated to stay in shape and have me excited to get back out there once this kiddo is born!

All those tweets also have me excited to bring back the ESD Cheer Squad!
You work hard. You train harder. You balance it all. You race and defeat your limits time and again. Since you inspire me, I'd like to cheer you on. So here's how it works. Sign up with this form and I'll add you to my race cheer calendar. I'll cheer you on via twitter, via facebook AND I'll send you a discount coupon code to celebrate your achievements just in time for your race! And if you include your website with your information, I'll do my best to include a link to your race recap in a future blog post.
Why sign up?
  1. Because racing is awesome & having someone cheer for you feels amazing! Want proof? Here you go:
  2. See? Fun, fun, fun! Whether you're the one out there cheering or you spot your friends cheering for you... sure to put a smile on your face!
  3. I mentioned the discount coupon code, right?
  4. You don't have to worry, I won't add you to another mailing list. Unless of course, you want to sign up for the ESD Newsletter (and birthday discount coupons!). In that case, you can do so here

I know you're determined and fierce, so sign up whenever you've got a race. I'll be there to cheer you on! Woohoooo!

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