April 4, 2014

Hearts & Build It & Bangles oh my!

Happy Friday! Happy indeed... I've just launched 3 new ideas at ericasaradesigns.com today and I'm so excited about them!

First, welcome the new Heart Collection. These 1/2" sterling silver hearts are available in a bunch of options including race distances and swim, bike run.  This is just the beginning for the Heart Collection. I'll continue adding new ideas such as initials, hebrew initials and mantras. Thoughts? What would you love to see added?

Second, the byoESD feature! Yes, ericasaradesigns.com finally has a build your own feature which makes it easier to navigate the website to build your perfect piece. Step 1: pick your bracelet or necklace. Step 2: add your charms. I tried to make this as clean and simple as possible. I know there are fancier versions out there and they're certainly on my dream list but at the moment, this is the best this one woman small business can do... I hope you like it! 

And finally, bangles! I first learned of your desire for bracelets when I was commissioned to create this bracelet by Nike for their athletes running the Chicago marathon. And at the same time, I learned that many of you were just as frustrated with bangle sizing as I've been- they're all too big and slip right off! So I've spent some time developing this sterling silver bracelet and I love it. The typical bangle is 2.5" in diameter so I'll be offering that size as well as a smaller 2.25" size. A quarter of an inch? That's all? Well, yes and it makes a big difference. I tried 6 different sized versions before landing on this one. As someone with very dainty hands and small wrists, it was the best fit and the most comfortable. I hope you'll agree!

Since you'll probably have your own idea of how you want to wear your bangle, which charms you'll  want to add and how many, there are a billion different versions I could've added to the website. So to make it as as simple as possible, it's available as part of the byoESD feature. Just select your bangle from step 1 and then add your charms. Hooray! I mentioned I was excited, right ;)

So that's what's new for April. With Mother's Day quickly approaching, I'm happy I was able to get these up and available for some great gift giving.  Oh, and if you're in NYC next weekend and want to shop the line, I'll be at the MORE Fitness Half Marathon Expo! The expo is open to the public so you don't have to be registered for the race to attend. Stop by, say hi, and shop! Select collections will even be 10-20% off and shipping will be complimentary.

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  1. EEKS! I love it all! ESD, you have outdone yourself. Congrats on all of your awesomeness!