February 28, 2014

Sarah: Mama Runnin'

This week I had the honor of creating a special necklace for Sarah, a runner I first met via twitter (I think? Or maybe Daily Mile?) back when I was training for the Philadelphia Half. Race weekend, I organized a brunch for a group of pretty funtastic runners, Sarah and her family sat next to me, and we were instant friends.
The Philadelphia Marathon/Half Marathon brunch, 2010. I'm the one with my tongue out in the front row, Sarah's holding her baby boy, Ty
We've since kept in touch via various social media platforms, as have many runners from that brunch, and she's a constant source of running inspiration and just general happy vibes. When I saw her order arrive in my inbox I was pretty excited. When I saw what she ordered, even more so. In her own words, the story behind Sarah's Mama Runnin' necklace

"So since you started your business I've always known i wanted to create/design a necklace that meant something to me. I don't wear much jewelry so this would have to be something I would want to wear all the time, matches with anything and represents everything that's important to me in one piece. I had ideas of creating something race related with my race time engraved on it but I knew these PRs were just stepping stones and my times would (hopefully) continue to get better. Then I thought about creating something that represented me as a mom/Ty. I just couldn't decide what way I wanted to go. When you came out with your love notes/work of art line I KNEW that's what I would get. I had the idea I would wait till Ty could write his name and then have that engraved. Then, a few weeks ago Ruddley and Ty were at the dining room table one Saturday morning coloring. I was upstairs but kept hearing ty talk about "drawing mama". I finally went down and Ty jumped up and said "look mama! I drew a pitch-er (picture) of you runnin'!" The drawing brought me to tears and at that moment I knew that's what I wanted on my necklace. It represented what I love most in my life, running and more importantly being a mom. Then I added Ty's initials to represent him and the rest is history. What I really love is that he associates me with running, a healthy and positive outlet in life. While I love running, balancing it with being a mom and wife can be challenging at times. I don't ever want running to become more of a priority then time with my family but it is something I love and many times requires sacrifices on my part to make it happen (hello 3:45am alarm clock, it's run time!). Thank you so much for creating something that I will wear everyday and represents so many important things in my life!"
Custom Cut Initial Charm + Love Note Necklace
 Last night, Sarah tweeted this picture and my heart melted. I love the the pure joy on both her's and Ty's faces. I'm grateful to have been given the honor of making this meaningful necklace for her.
Sarah told me that when she showed Ty her necklace last night, he said "It's Mama!". Coolness :)

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