February 12, 2014

Erica Sara in Fitness Magazine!

When I blogged about catching up earlier this week, I might have left a few things out. I didn't want to bore you to death. But I intentionally omitted a pretty exciting announcement because I wasn't allowed to spill the beans until now. ESD is in the March issue of Fitness Magazine! I gave you a sneak peak of the story 2 months ago on Instagram but wasn't allowed to show much, not even my outfit. Now that I hear the issue is live (from the twitterverse, I have yet to get my hands on it) I'm excited to show you the behind the scenes pics and the final piece.

The photo shoot with Lora took place on a freezing cold day in NYC. It had snowed the day before and when I arrived in the city that morning, it was raining and freezing cold, 20 or so degrees out there. We spent some time in wardrobe, which was funny because I ended up wearing all of my own running clothes, and then got our hair and makeup done (you know, just like we would before a run) and headed to the gym at the Mercedes club for a shoot with Andrew Hetherington. The shots inside were fun but we all agreed that the images didn't quite represent the runners in us so we took it outside. In the cold. In shorts and tanks. Brrrrr! But so worth it.

Honestly, by the time we ran back and forth a few times, Lora and I were warmed up although the crew looked freezing! Here are some behind the scenes shots

And here's the article with the final shot!

A huge thank you to Fitness Magazine for thinking our story worthy to tell and including it in their March issue. It was a great experience and a chance to reflect on how much my life and Erica Sara Designs has changed and grown over the past few years.

My next collaboration with Fitness Magazine will be in April when I'll be creating the official race jewelry for the MORE Fitness Half Marathon. Samples of the pieces are actually on their way to Betty Wong and Pam O'Brien as I type and I can't wait until I get to reveal them to you!


  1. this is awesome!! congrats to you and Lora on the feature! I'll be running the More/Fitness half this year, so I can't wait to see the necklace you're designing!