February 10, 2014

Catching up... and a Giveaway Winner!

It's been more than 2 months since I've last blogged and so much has happened!

Robert & I flew to Hawaii to run the Maui Oceanfront Marathon (Robert) & 5k (Me)
5am Pre Race Smiles
Post Race Beach Time!
While in Hawaii, we got married. Just the two of us on a beach overlooking the ocean. It was perfect.... professional wedding pictures to come!
I was really happy to make our wedding bands
Finally get to wear that new bracelet I made myself
 The day after our wedding, Robert & I headed to up about 10,000 ft to hike the Haleakala crater which was pretty awesome.
It was so incredibly windy, I was trying to not get blown over
 Back on the main land, my new nephew was born and he's delicious.
Hanging with Baby Asher and Shari, one of my oldest friends
Oh, and Erica Sara Designs made it's TV debut on the TODAY show!
Check out minute 2:35 to see ESD Money Clips featured for Valentine's Day gifts!

I also launched the new Cut Collection


And I was asked by Fitness magazine to once again design the official race jewelry for the largest women's only Half Marathon in the country, the MORE Fitness Half!
With Deena Kastor & the ESD Team at the 2013 Expo. I'll be hiring a staff for this year's expo. If you're interested, stay tuned for details!
I got to spend some time with friends in NYC to celebrate Claire's 30th. It was a great reminder of just how much I adore these folks and how lucky I am to have them in my life.
With Baker, Abbe, Claire & Thomas celebrating Claire's 30th in NYC
Life's been pretty good to me and to say I'm grateful wouldn't even be enough. So on that note, let's give someone else another reason for which to be grateful and announce to giveaway winner, shall we? For last week's giveaway, I asked folks to enter by telling the world what they love about themselves. So many freaking good responses! Here are just a few:

"I love that I am never willing to sacrifice who I am to make others happy" - Cor
"I love that I'm fiercely independent. It is also probably an Achilles heel for me, but most days it reminds me that I control my life, no one else" -  Cyanne
"I love my red hair and paleness. I used to get made fun of those features, still do from time to time, but I wouldn't choose to change either one of them if I was paid to!" -Heidi

These are just a few. There are so many more and they're all awesome! If you care to read them, here's the link to the facebook comments. There are more on instagram & twitter!

And now for the winner: Congrats Maggie Hafertepe!!! Maggie wrote:
"I love that I can adapt to any situation. Last summer I married a military man & moved 4,000 miles from home- from Mississippi to Alaska- & now that he's away I'm back home for a few months adjusting to being apart! But running is getting me through!"
Maggie, please contact me at erica@ericasaradesigns.com to claim your necklace.

Thanks to everyone who entered and shared some pretty awesome sentiments and love. Now time for me to head to the studio to get the last of the Valentine's Day orders out. Have a great day & stay warm!

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