October 9, 2013

On Moving & Finding a Race

In case you haven't heard...
On September 23rd, Robert & I signed on our first house and I finally feel like I'm home. Although people have always known me as a NYC girl, I've always known that a more rural area is where I'd settle one day. I wanted to be surrounded by trees and hills, nature, farms, fields... lots of open space and fresh air. I wanted to have a backyard and a garden. A house with a large kitchen so I could cook and entertain. I just didn't know how it would happen.

Then Robert came along and well.. you know the story... love and all that stuff. One day, it just seemed like the perfect idea. I would move to Lehigh Valley and we'd buy a house. And here we are, in our home in Macungie and so freaking happy. I'm not going to lie, it's not all pumpkin pies and roses. Moving has been tough and although I know I belong out here, I miss my friends like crazy and am a bit lonely. That, plus the fact that I've decided to bow out of the NYC Marathon this year for many reasons has left me feeling a bit lost and unsettled.

Robert raced in Milwaukee on Sunday so I was here on my own and followed lots of race updates and recaps in the interwebs. It made me realize how badly I needed a race on my calendar. But which one? The Philadelphia Half is already full and I'm certainly not in good enough shape to train for the full marathon, even if I would have an extra two weeks compared to NYCM training. Maybe the Runner's World Half?

The RW Half is next weekend in Bethlehem, PA which is pretty close to my new home. It's a beautiful town and I know that it's going to be a great race. Plus, so many friends will be there! But like I said, I'm in majorly crappy shape and I'm not sure I can run a Half right now. So, why not give it a try anyway, right? This weekend, I got a Sunday six miler in, took Monday off, and then did 5 last night. They were tough. Way tougher than five and six milers should be but also great reminders that I need to get my ass back in gear. Tonight, I'll be joining the RW editors for a 7 mile training run through Bethlehem and I'm nervous as hell I'm going to make a fool of myself. I can't remember the last time I ran 7 miles. But if I get them done, I can totally survive the RW Half... right? So that's what's up for now. Wish me luck with my 7 tonight!

Here are some pictures from last night's run in my new hood. Love it here!
My Neighborhood 
Cornfields along the road up the mountain


  1. You'll be fine! You don't have to try to PR every race and just go out there and enjoy the scenery in your new area. Congratulations on the move and I hope you're able to settle in somewhat stress free.


  2. Those are great photos - they make me feel like I'm midway through a Sunday long run.

    Here's a hint for a nice running path - go down to the park at the bottom of your neighborhood, turn left, go til the street ends, go through the field (there's paths cut in it by BMX'ers and runners), then turn left onto the first little gravel road.

    Now you're in Lockridge park, and it's beautiful.

  3. Love the pics and the post. So excited for you too. When you get bored, Juan and I will come visit, okay? And you'll take us for a run on those roads! Lots of love babe!

  4. Your new home is gorgeous. I'm so excited for you and this new adventure. I hope the run went well!