August 14, 2013

Suck It Up, Buttercup

Sometimes an order captures our imagination and makes us wonder what's its story. For instance, the "Suck It Up, Buttercup" necklace. 

When we saw Jessica's request, we asked if she wouldn't mind sharing with us. Then, when she did, we couldn't keep it to ourselves. It was that good! She generously agreed to share it with you, too. In her own words:

This necklace is a direct result of what has turned into, for me, "that elusive half marathon." I have only been running for two years, since September 2011. I signed up for my first half in early 2012, for a race slated for May of that year. Ten days after signing up, I got the green light to donate a kidney. I’ve never been so happy to DNS a race. My recovery was wonderful (I ran 3 weeks to the day after surgery) but I didn’t have the mileage base to try the half last October. I have signed up and will finally run my first half this October. I purchased one of your necklaces because I wanted something to have with me always as a reminder of what I am doing and why. My training calendar is great and I see it all day when I sit at my desk, but I needed something more accessible. I needed something I could touch when I wanted to stay up late the night before a long run, something that jangled when I ran to remind me why I will not stop right now, no way. It has been everything I needed and it has definitely gotten me out the door more than once in the past month. 
As for the design?  I read in blogs and on Twitter all of these wonderfully encouraging mantras and they are great. A lot of them are gentle and encouraging and I’m sure they work for some people.   
I am strong, light, and fast. (Side note: I am wimpy, bottom heavy, and slow… but I’m out there!)  
Every mile is a good mile. 
Strong and steady.  
Can’t stop me. 
Me?  Not so much. That’s just not how I roll. My inner voice is a bit of a bully because that’s what keeps me going. If I have to stop and walk during a run, my next thought is usually, "Okay, you thought you had to walk, fine. Then you’re running all the way up that hill that’s coming up. NO WALKING." I have taken away my own post-run chocolate milk more than once. My philosophy is that if I don’t earn it, I don’t get it. My approach is more boot camp drill instructor and less hand-holding friend. It doesn’t work for everybody, but it is definitely what works for me. 
One of my inner voice’s favorite phrases is "Oh come on. Suck it up, buttercup!" I always add the buttercup because I’m a bit of a tomboy and it’s the equivalent of calling myself a girl in the most demeaning way. Nothing motivates me more than inner anger and an "I’ll Show You" mindset. 
Thank you again for the necklace. Last weekend it helped me reach a shiny new Personal Distance Record, something I will be repeating many times over the next 9 weeks. As a matter of fact, I’ll be wearing it through some intervals later this evening!  
What's the story behind your ESD jewelry? Email us at and we may feature your story next! We love your inspiration.

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  1. What a great story. Keep running, Jessica! "Suck it up, buttercup!" :)