July 18, 2013

Introducing the Initial Cut Necklace! {and giveaway winners}

There are days when I wake up and just want to create. I put on my goggles & mask, and get to it... sort of like a mad scientist but without the crazy hair. Yesterday was one of those days. I woke up inspired and headed to my studio to play around with metals, stones, shapes and fire. I ended up with four new rings, three of which I'll be adding to ESD next week, and a new necklace idea I was dying to get out there.

Since the launch of the Custom Name Ring, so many folks have asked for a necklace and I've been hesitant. There are plenty of name necklaces in the market and I didn't want to just add one to the rest of the bunch, I wanted to do something slightly different. I came up with this Initial Cut Necklace that hangs vertically from the chain as a start. I love that the initials are cut out but in a charm form so you can add to it, or add the charm to an existing necklace. You can mix with other initial charms, the mini heart, race tags.. the combinations are endless and it's truly personal, just as all my jewelry aims to be. This is just the first charm/necklace of more cut outs to come so be patient & stay tuned! 

The thing is, when I think of new ideas, I need people to make them for so that I have samples to shoot for the website. And as much as I love new jewelry, I have more than I can wear and would rather make someone else's day with some new bling. And thus, a giveaway was born! I asked folks to tweet or facebook their initials at me for a chance to be my "model" for my latest samples. What a response! Hundreds of entries within just a few hours... it was so exciting!

I wanted to make both a 2 initial sample and a 3 initial sample so we gathered all the entries, divided them into 2 or 3 initials and then randomly selected one from each group. And the winners are...
Michele & Brittney, please shoot us an email with your shipping address to custserv@ericasaradesigns.com. I hope you enjoy your new necklaces!

For more information about the necklace, check it out here on the website.

Also, it was really tough being able to pick only 2 winners. Gathering the entries, I recognized so many familiar names of friends and customers who've been incredibly supportive and I wish I could give everyone a free necklace! So I promise, as I add new collections, we'll do more of these giveaways. In fact, we may just have some awesome new bracelets launching in a month or so... want to be the sample "model"? Stay tuned...

Have a grateful day!


  1. I love how these turned out!

    ~ Lora @ Crazy Running Girl

  2. These initial cut necklaces look great. I haven't saw much before. But it's really cool.