July 12, 2013

A 5k Wakeup Call

To blog or not to blog about my running, that's been the question on my mind for the past few weeks with NYCM training under way. After Wednesday night's miserable attempt at a 5k, the answer is obvious. Blog.

It occurred to me a while back that I have a horrible memory when it comes to my running and training. During my most difficult runs, I make a list of all the changes I'm going to make to improve. I'm going to train more consistently. I'm going to eat better. I'll get to bed earlier, get more sleep. I'll add more strength training to my schedule. Yada yada yada. And then the run ends, I move onto something else, and I don't keep the promises I make myself. When I trained for the Philadelphia Marathon in 2010 (gasp! 3 years ago!), I used my blog to not only record my training, but to put it out there, hoping those reading it would help keep me accountable. It's easy to just tell yourself "I'll make those changes tomorrow" but not as easy when you've declared your goals and others can watch you fail. So here I am, once again, putting it all out there. I'm hoping it helps because I have a long way to go training wise, and only 17 weeks to get it done.

I'm now mid week 2 of NYCM Training and I'll admit, I'm nervous. Two years of training for two marathons and I've run neither (injury in 2011 and NYCM cancellation in 2012), my heart really wants to conquer NYC in November but my mind isn't too sure it will happen. I'll probably write more about that in a later post but for now, want to focus on how I intend to proceed.

Like I said, Wednesday night's 5k was a disaster. Due to two weeks of health issues and then a lazy Mexican vacation where finding the best taco was a priority, I barely ran leading up to this race. It was 87 degrees at the start and I wasn't expecting much but expected to at least break 30 minutes. Although I've never raced a 5k before, I've raced three milers twice with a PR of 26:07. I expected to be slower but was aiming for under 29 minutes.  My time at this LVRR Summer Series 5k was 30:43 and the last 2 miles felt like a huge struggle. Major wake up call when 3 miles at my goal NYCM pace feels impossible.

So here's the plan. I'm going to stick to my training schedule and will complete every step of every run, no matter how difficult they are and how much I want to quit. Today is a rest day and this weekend I will run 8 miles as my official first long run towards the New York City Marathon 2013 finish line. That's step one. And instead of adding a billion other "to do" items to the list, I'm going to focus on step one this week. Next week, I'll add step two... and so on and so forth.

The next LVRR Summer Series 5k is in a month and I intend to be there to measure my progress and hopefully, race a 5k I can be proud of.

Wish me luck!

Lehigh Valley Road Runners Summer Series 5k, July 10th


  1. A less-than-perfect race can be a great motivator. Looking forward to next month's redemption!

  2. I love that you're blogging again! I can't wait to learn about your progress. 2013 NYCM or bust, baby!

  3. I just ran my first half and I'm looking for a marathon for my next goal race. Thanks for your inspiration, and good luck training!
    xo, Avery