June 12, 2013

June's Inspiration of the Month: Kir

Meet Kir, our June Inspiration of the Month! She may describe herself as "just another 20-somethin', both defining and defined by my passions." But, we see her a bit differently: a strong woman, setting her own path in life while helping others get back on their feet.

What strikes us about Kir is her devotion to her intuition. She was working toward her PhD in neuroscience, but the fit didn't feel right to her. As she describes it, she felt "stuck." Her promise to herself? "Un-stick myself." 

In her life, she's leaned on her knowledge of neuroscience to take on challenging situations. For example, while preparing for her first marathon, Kir focused on cognitive training. She explains, "To believe I could do it would render me the strength to do it. It did, and the mind-body challenge has stuck. Thoughts and conviction have the ability to transform want to reality." 

With that mindset, it's no surprise Kir found herself contributing in a new environment: Back on My Feet New York City. Back on My Feet's (BoMF) mission is to move individuals experiencing homelessness to employment, independent living and self-sufficiency. They do so through running. BoMF recognizes the innate desire in each individual to feel valued, cared about, and proud - the first steps in self-transformation. 

This is a concept Kir fully embraces. "So many of the individuals I run with have been through hardships that I cannot begin to comprehend, but still, have survived with a will and commitment to move towards self-improvement. Hearing these stories is a true testament to the ability of the individual spirit to overcome and remold the direction of life."

To honor her work with BoMF, Kir's necklace contains a custom-mantra charm featuring the BoMF logo. The other side is inscribed with the word "strong." It's a testament to an individual's unique and powerful ability to take charge of, and determine the direction of life through active choices. 

When Kir runs with BoMF's community, she draws upon the inspiration of the people around her. We suspect she contributes her fair share, as well. Kir, #YouInspire!

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