June 24, 2013

A Soldier's Necklace

I know I'm a lucky girl and should be grateful, but there are days when I wake up and wish I could just drop all responsibility and disappear, leaving ESD and all the work I've put into it behind. Running your own business is tough and sometimes I'm just pooped and want a nap... but the emails pour in, customers are calling and I don't want to let them down, even if I'm in over my head and totally overwhelmed. There were many such days in May and early June and between bridal party orders, custom designs, special events and working on new collections, I wondered "Why am I killing myself working these insane hours? Is it worth it?"

But then, as it often happens on those crazy days, the universe stepped in and reminded me why I love what I do and why I need to continue doing it. I received a special design request from a mother whose daughter was about to graduate and enter the Israeli army. She wanted to design a necklace that her daughter could wear to remind her that her family was always with her, no matter where she was. We came up with a necklace with three charms, the first of which features a compass with North/East/South/West in hebrew, and is engraved with the family's names on the back. The second charm is engraved with "Wherever You Are, We Are With You" and the third is a heart tag. I engraved this necklace while imagining the family and their daughter; what it would be like when she opened it, what it would be like when she left and was on her way to the army, and what it would be like when she finally returned. And just like that, I remembered why I am grateful for ESD and what it has become... maybe I don't need to throw in the towel but just might cut myself some slack.

This is how the necklace turned out and I'm super proud of it. A fews days after it shipped, I received an email from the mother who ordered it and started to cry when I read it. You can read it below.

"Hi Erica,
The necklace arrived today ... I don't have the words to tell you how magnificent it is. When I opened the box, it took my breath away. I had an emotional response to seeing it. The necklace is everything I imagined  it to be, and more! Thank you so much for creating this special piece for my daughter. I know she will treasure it and it will remind her of how much her family loves her."

Wishing this soldier safety and protection.


  1. I love this piece. Love love love this.

    1. Thanks so much! It's always an honor when ESD receives custom orders with such powerful stories.