March 14, 2013

Behind The Scenes: MJSA Expo

Gold Beads
This week Erica and I attended the annual MJSA expo, an event dedicated to the latest in equipment and materials for jewelry making and design. It was my first time at an expo like this, and I found it truly fascinating! You never realize just how many components, metals, gems, and machines help translate the creative process into final product.

Not only did we get to examine some beautiful materials...

Sterling silver wire in all textures and dimensions
Erica reviewing chain options
but also saw some amazing demonstrations. For example, how wax carvings are made for those incredibly detailed ring settings:

And how a metal bangle can be made within minutes!

From formation...
to crafted bracelet.

It was a fantastic experience meeting vendors and researching the elements that help make ESD jewelry a beautiful reality.

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