March 21, 2013

awareness: the pink agenda

We're thrilled to announce our newest Awareness Partner, The Pink Agenda!

The Pink Agenda is a not-for-profit organization of young professionals committed to raising money for breast cancer care, research, and awareness. In their words, "For all of the strides that have been made in the fight against breast cancer, young professionals have remained largely under engaged and underutilized in the search for a cure, and The Pink Agenda is endeavoring to change that."

They hope that their efforts will not only expedite the eventual discovery of a cure for the disease, but that their awareness-raising will result in earlier detection, as well as an understanding of where to go for support and resources if ever faced with a breast cancer diagnosis.

Funds raised benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's Program for Young Women with Breast Cancer.

By shopping the Erica Sara Designs Awareness Collection, you can designate The Pink Agenda to receive 20% of net proceeds from your purchase in this collection. If you add an Awareness charm to any other ESD necklace or bracelet, 10% of the total net proceeds from that piece will also be donated.

Check out the The Pink Agenda's website or Facebook page for information about upcoming events in cities such as New York, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, and Los Angeles.

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