October 3, 2012

Gone Fishing

Hi peeps! How's it going? So... I've obviously been MIA. Not even a Monday Mantra to pretend that I've still been blogging. Life & work have just been a wee bit too hectic these days and something had to give. Actually, many things had to give, and blogging's just been the tip of the iceberg.

But since I've given myself a break from extraneous activities, my brain is feeling fresh and I'm ready to start blogging again.  I think. I've missed writing, mainly because it's how I keep track of my progress, or sometimes lack there of. Always fun to browse back a year later to read what I'd felt or thought during different points of my life. So stay tuned for some posts starting tomorrow, which by the way is the ONE MONTH COUNTDOWN TO THE NYC MARATHON!!! Not that I'm counting ;)


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