July 8, 2012

NYC Tri 2012

I love a good race and if I'm not racing it, I'm usually there to spectate and to cheer my friends on. So this morning was the perfect opportunity to wake up at the crack of dawn (is 5am the crack of dawn?) and head to the Hudson to cheer on some amazing athletes at the NYC Triathlon. I got my own workout chasing the competitors around from the swim, to the bike transition, across 72nd street, up a hill (which I climbed in sandals like a dumbass and also slid down on my butt) and then close to the finish line. Wanna see some pics? Here's just a few... or 700+ in a slideshow. Feel free to grab any of you or your friends but if you use in a post or something, I'd appreciate some credit. Thanks! And congrats to all the finishers who rocked it today, whether at the NYC Tri or somewhere else. You continue to be an inspiration to so many so keep on keeping on! Photobucket

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