July 27, 2012

100 Days to Go!

Wow... 100 days to go until the NYC Marathon. How is that even possible?

I realized the other day that I have yet to post my training schedule and I'd love to... the minute I actually finish putting it together. Yes, it's true. I'm a bit behind and haven't fully ironed out my training schedule. I'm using one of the Furman Less-Is-More plans, which includes 3 days of running, 3 days of cross training & 1 rest day and I'm feeling really good about it. The three runs consist of speed or hill work (or sometimes a combo of both), a tempo run, and then a long run. For cross training I've been doing hot yoga, spinning, elliptical, strength training, and even a bit of swimming. I'm seriously enjoying a training schedule in which I feel like my training is coming along, and still get to participate in my favorite non-running workouts as well. Good stuff!

But like I said, the entire plan still isn't complete because I'm planning on modifying some of the long runs to go a bit longer, or to include races such as the Philadelphia Rock n Roll Half in September, or the Fifth Avenue Mile. So instead of posting the entire plan at once, I think I'll post one week at a time and take it from there. This week's plan was as follows:

Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday  Sunday 
Cross-train 30 – 45 min.  Key Run #1  Cross-train 30 – 45 min.  Key Run #2  Off  Key Run #3  Cross-train 30 – 45 min. 
Swim, Yoga 10-20 minute warm-up 12x400m (90 sec. RI) 10 minute cool-down  Elliptical, Core 1 mile easy Rest Distance: 12 miles Cross Training TBD
4 mile run @ Tempo pace 1 mile easy  Pace: PMP + 45 sec./mile 

But it's going more like this...

Swim 10-20 minute warm-up 12x400m (90 sec. RI) 10 minute cool-down  Hot Yoga 4 mile run @ Tempo pace 1 mile easy  Distance: 12 miles
COCKTAILS REST Pace: PMP + 45 sec./mile 

It's been one of those crazy busy weeks so I'm just trying to fit things in as best I can. Monday's swim was great but hard- I forgot how tough swimming can be! Tuesday's speed workout went well enough but I did have to take it inside to the treadie because I had plans that night and it was still 90+ degrees when I needed to fit my workout in. I ended up running just over 6 miles. Wednesday's Elliptical + Core workout turned into hot yoga when I realized my legs were TIRED after 4 straight days of hard workouts (Saturday was a 10.5 miler, Sunday was pilates & spin) and last night, Thursday, I felt like going out instead of my tempo run so now I'll run my tempo tonight, make Saturday a rest day, and long run on Sunday. I think that's a good plan, right?

But seriously, 100 days to go? Marathon season for me is about running, training, but also about designing! I've been working on some new ideas for this year's NYC Marathon race bling and have 2 that I love but I'm having trouble deciding which one is my favorite. Any chance you'd like to help? Head over to my facebook page for a peak at the 2 designs I've come up with and help me decide which to offer on my site! You may even just win a necklace ;)

Now back to training.... I'm hoping tonight's tempo run is a good one and this whole confidence thing I've got going at the moment continues. Will keep you posted. In the meantime, how's your training going? Any new training tips out there? 


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