June 20, 2012

Things That Make Me Go :)

1. Not apologizing for the lack of posts lately

2. Protein Pancakes
 Counting down the weeks to the start of NYCM training (ahh! how is that possible) and realized it's about time I get everything in gear, including my nutrition. It seems I'm once again addicted to carbs and all I want to eat is bread (gluten free of course), pasta, chips... you get the point. Then I came across Jill Hanner's recipe for Protein Pancakes and the light bulb went off in my head. Pancakes that are high in protein & low in carbs? Brilliant! I instagrammed my new addiction yesterday & folks asked for the recipe so here is Jill's original post. I used vanilla flavored protein powder instead of chocolate, almond milk instead of coconut, and topped with fruit instead of adding them to the batter. I also used coconut oil to coat my pan to prevent sticking. Do these taste like actual real pancakes? Of course not. But are they a delicious & healthy substitute? I think so and they keep me full until lunch.

3. Vacation
Last weekend I did this. It was amazing. I need to do this more often.
And yes, I did more than just sit on the beach & drink. I watched sunrise on the beach. I did yoga on the beach, went for runs on the beach, long walks along the water & flirted with surfers. Vacation ROCKS.

3. Mixing it Up
I've added kickboxing back into my workouts, and have started spinning. Feels so good to be mixing it up and taking the pressure off of my running.
Post Kickboxing... checking out my arms :D
4. Tattoooooo
And I did this.

5. Optic Octopus
My friend LV, who just happened to take the pic of me getting inked above, is finally sharing her talent with the world. It's amazing. Check it out.

There's probably a gazillion more things that are making me :) lately but I've got to go practice yoga in Times Square. Priorities.

Check ya later!


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