March 27, 2012

It Burned and I Was Hungry

Would you believe that until about 3 weeks ago, I'd never heard of the Hunger Games?  I don't have cable so I don't really watch TV, and I pay little attention to pop culture these days. Running my business, and literally running, take up most of my time these days unless I'm hanging with friends or hanging in downward dog. So when Theodora sent me an invite to a "Hunger Games Workout", I was slightly confused but very intrigued. I prefer never to be hungry if I can help it, but I do love a good workout. I explained to Theodora that I had no idea what this meant, but I was obviously game.

Two weeks later, I showed up at the Daily Burn developed workout along with a bunch of other bloggettes and was ready to get my hunger on. I should note that this was just a day after I did my first ever official speed workout in Central Park with Abbe, and I my legs were way tired. But I figured I'd give it my all, and ignore my quads as best as I could.  Also, this was the first time I'd heard of Daily Burn and found it to be a pretty cool idea. It's a workout app that allows you to subscribe to workouts based on your goals, such as to lose weight, get stronger, more toned, etc... You enter your age, your weight, fitness level, etc... and they create a customize plan for you. You're then prescribed workouts based on your goal that can vary from day to day. It's like having a workout video customized just for you for about $10 a month. There's also an entire online community with whom you can discuss workouts and network, a nutrition portion that provides great meal plans and recipe ideas, and some other pretty cool features. As someone who uses dailymile daily to track my workouts and network with other runners, I can totally see the value of Daily Burn for folks trying to lose weight or in need of a supportive community. Very cool idea.
Hanging with some of the other blogettes. Check out our post workout glow ;) (aka sweat)
Did I mention the beautiful sunset over the Hudson as we worked out? I dig sunsets :)
 As the event name suggests, the workout we did was based on wildlife movements.  And as silly as that may sound, it was actually a lot of fun and sort of kicked my butt. Well not sort of. It kicked my butt in a really good way. True to it's name, it burned and after, I was hungry. That probably wasn't really the focus but like I said, I have very little understanding of hunger games. The workout was a great way to cross train, I worked up a major sweat, and I was sore in some areas that surprised me the next day. One of my favorite exercises involved starting out on all four, lifting your knees and standing on your toes with your knees bent, and then kicking your legs up to touch your butt (see video below... aka me feeling awkward in front of the camera!). I was amazed at how much I had to use my abs, my back and my arms... and I seriously felt it the next day.  Even better is that none of the exercises used equipment so I can do them as part of interval training during runs in CP. I've been know to stop for a set of tricep dips, a plank or push ups now and then. Why not jump around like a frog, right?

Now I'm not one to watch exercise videos. I prefer to take my workout outside and a run in Central Park or yoga is always my first choice. But I'm making a serious effort to add more cross training and strength training to my training so that I can kick some major a$$ at NYCM in November. Since Daily Burn is providing me with a few free months of membership, I'm planning on using them to explore the site more and have a feeling I'll learn some new moves to keep my workouts interesting. Right now they have 33 workouts available and I'm interested to see what they come up with as they continue to grow and to film new ones.  Stay tuned and I'll do my best to give you the scoop!

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