November 9, 2011

NYCM Race Recaps Galore!

I told myself I wouldn't blog today, that I needed a day off from thinking about the marathon to focus on my upcoming holiday trunk shows and engraving race bling orders. But I can't help it because in the past two days, I've read so many incredible race recaps and I am in awe of so many people. I say this all the time but I'll say it again: the running community is an incredible one and I am proud to be a bib wearing member. So, to keep the marathon mojo flowing, I've decided to compile a list of some awesome race recaps for you all to enjoy! Here are just a few of the people (in no particular order) I am honored to know and were overjoyed to cheer on at this weekend's NYC Marathon (click on the images to access their race recaps!). I know that I'm probably leaving a billion people out so PLEASE, if you wrote a race recap, leave a comment at the bottom with the link! I will do my best to continue updating this post by adding your pics/recaps!!!

360 days, 23 hours, 25 minutes and 40 seconds till NYCM 2012!

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