November 2, 2011

Come Sunday

When I stepped out of my apartment and onto West 72nd Street this morning, I saw the sun rising over Central Park and the street filled with traffic...
and I thought to myself, come Sunday, the street will be lined with UPS trucks transporting marathon bags from the Start to the Finish Line
UPS Trucks bringing runners' bags
I approached Central Park West, filled with commuters and taxis...
 ...and noted, come Sunday, CPW will be packed with spectators on their way to cheering spots, and then later, with marathoners proudly searching for their family & friends


Come Sunday, these runners won't be training on this bridge because their training will be over and the race will have begun
Come Sunday, the sidewalks of Central Park South will be packed with cheering, screaming spectators...
and the street will be packed with runners instead of cars, making their way towards Columbus Circle and then back into Central Park
and if they turn to their left along Central Park South, they may catch a glimpse of some famous NYC landmarks
And come Sunday, after running along Central Park South, these runners will face this path
and will run towards the finish line, instead of away.
and on the way, they'll pass these bleachers which will be packed with folks cheering them on and watching them accomplish their dreams and reach their goals
and as they cross the Finish Line come Sunday, they will pass this statue and will know that Fred was right, "Few Things in Life Match the Thrill of a Marathon."

So, anyone else psyched for Marathon Sunday to come?!?


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