October 27, 2011

What a Week!

I'm having another one of those weeks where I keep thinking to myself, "Holy Sh*t! How am I this blessed?" No seriously, I can't stop smiling. It's only Thursday and this week has been incredible. I can't imagine it getting any better although I won't complain if it does. Last night, I think I might have actually repeated "Best 24 hours" ever to G a gazillion times.

It all began with the LivePerson Aspire 2011 Event I participated in Tuesday night. Held at a very cool loft like space in Chelsea, Tuesday Aspire 2011 was a three day conference at which LivePerson's global customers gathered to meet, network, hear incredible speakers and learn from one another. I was present at Tuesday night's "Evening of Discover, Enrichment and Connection" to teach jewelry making and it was a blast! Along with a mixologist, sushi chefs, cigar rollers, and several other experts, I had a chance to mingle, chat and teach this incredible group of people while a band played in the background. The energy in the room was incredible and I found it sort of awesome that 75% of my students were men wanting to make necklaces for their girlfriends, wives and daughters. So much fun!
My table, my awesome apprentice Seth setting up, food shots & folks making their own bling!
Even more awesome than the event itself is the fact that I learned that Peter Yarrow, of Peter, Paul and Mary, would be attending and playing at the conference the next day! Hi, my name is Erica Sara and I LOVE Peter, Paul, and Mary. I grew up on their music, loved watching their PBS concerts every year, and Lemon Tree is one of my all time favorite songs. I hinted at how much I'd love to attend and was told to show up at noon the next day for the performance. Um, YAY!!!!

Peter played Puff the Magic Dragon, If I Had a Hammer, and a new song which is the theme for his organization Operation Respect. Peter's message was a beautiful one, about respecting one another and the world in which we live, and deserves it's own post so more on that in the very near future. I sat just a few feet away from him and even had the opportunity to meet him (he kissed my hand!) after the show (Thanks Jeremy!!!).
Peter brought along these guitars which he painted and offered everyone a chance to win one of them. His contest inspired me and so I'll be holding a similar one soon so stay tuned...
This week, I also had a chance to workout with former couture runway model, Claire Moore, at the new Athleta store on the UWS. The workout, organized by Zeel, kicked my tush and I had a chance to make some new friends. You can read all about it on Zeel's blog!
Working out with Claire & the Gang
My workout was followed by a cup of coffee with my favorite nutritionist, Market Melissa, some more running around for work, and then a quiet evening at home with my favorite guy watching Pearl Jam Twenty.

So yes, I'm walking around with a smile on my face and feeling truly lucky to live the life I've created. Up next is a fantastic weekend including watching fireworks from a friend's roof, working on my New York City Marathon signs, engraving Race Bling, and volunteering at the New York Road Runner Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff 5 Miler!

How was your week? Anything exciting on your agenda this weekend? I love hearing from you so leave a note and fill me in on what's putting a smile on your face these days!


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