October 12, 2011

Things That Make Me Go :)

Time for another "Things That Make Me Go :)" post, also known as "oops! I've been a bad blogger and here's a list of all the posts I meant to write over the last 2 weeks" post ;)

But seriously, I realized the other day that even on my crappiest day, I'm one really lucky gal. As NYCM approaches, I have those moments of intense sadness because I remember that I won't be running my dream race this year. Stupid injury! But I've learned when the sadness starts creeping in, I have so much for which to be grateful. Here's the list I made to remind myself of that this week.

1. I'm racing again! 
On September 24th, I ran the Fifth Avenue Mile and I kicked ass if I do say so myself! My time was 8:12, not bad for someone just coming back from an injury. I know it's way late but stay tuned for my official race recap which I wasn't going to write but just decided to. Cause it deserves a recap, don't you think? 
Post race glow with my running mates Jess & Melissa!
2. Me? In the New York Times?
I'm going to be in tomorrow's New York Times!!! A huge thanks to Lauren from Foodtrainers for passing on my name to the journalist who interviewed me about running skirts. It was fun to chat with a real writer and I thought, ok, that was fun. But then on Friday I received a phone call asking if I'd be willing to be shot for the story. My answer was literally "Are you kidding? Of course!" I met with the photographer for an hour long photo shoot Sunday in Central Park and it was so much fun. She took some portraits of me modeling my Lululemon Speed running skirt, then some shots of me stretching, and finally I sprinted back and forth for almost 40 minutes so she could get one perfect shot of me running. By the end I was exhausted and drenched but smiling- who knew modeling was such hard work. Now let's just pray I don't look like a total dork in tomorrow's newspaper, k?

3. Race Bling for my Hair
I think you all know I'm a sucker for race bling. There's nothing wrong with a woman looking fierce when she's out there running, right? Well, I recently discovered Sparkly Soul headbands and I LOVE them! It turns out my neighbor and her sister started this great company that sells glitter covered headbands that don't slip, don't give me a headache, and look fabulous! I've been rocking the black and green ones but I'm thinking about adding some colors to my running wardrobe soon. Because a girl can never have too much bling, right?

So many fabulous colors!
Sporting my black Sparkly Soul headband during yesterday's run in Central Park.
4. Race Bling Giveaway!
In case you missed it, which I just don't get cause I haven't stopped tweeting about it, I'm running a giveaway for custom engraved race bling and it ends tonight! If you raced last weekend, enter to win it. Sort of my way of saying congrats for being so awesome. And even if you didn't race last weekend, take a peak at some of the comments/memories those who entered left because they are pretty awesome.

 So many more things making me smile but I should probably get back to work. Trunk shows to book, necklaces to engrave & emails to write! Hope you have plenty to :) about too... would love to know what they are so leave a comment and please share!


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