October 13, 2011

NY Times Follow Up: Feeling Fierce in a Skirt

photo courtesy of New York Times, taken by Erin Baiano
In case you haven't seen all the tweets, the facebook posts,  the dailymile post or received an email from me, I'm in the NY Times Thursday Style Section. The article,  Running Skirts Go Girly: More Frills and Frounces for Running Skirts is about, well you probably guessed by now, running skirts. More specifically, it's about who wears them, why and what kinds of styles are available. I won't go into more detail since you can click on the link above and read it for yourself. But since the quote they used from me was about chicking men, and I definitely have more to say, I'll just follow up with a few more thoughts.

When I first started running, I thought running skirts were funny. Why wear a skirt to run? It seemed almost silly to me. But then, during a Half Marathon/training run in Philly last year before my marathon, this girl showed up in a hot pink skirt, showing off her crazy strong legs and she kicked ass. She looked healthy, happy and totally fierce. And suddenly I was interested in running skirts. I began to noticed them more and more on female runners and thought, "hey, why not?"
Runner looking incredible in a running skirt at the 2010 New York City Marathon

So I bought one, rocked it at last year's Philly Marathon, and felt pretty awesome. That's not to say I don't feel just as awesome when I wear my running shorts, my tights or a great pair of running capris. It's just that I realized, who cares what the hell you wear to run as long as you feel good in it and you're out there running? The fact of the matter is, the most important thing a woman wears is her confidence, in anything she does, whether it's running, working, being a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend, in just living and being.

What you wear to run doesn't determine who you are or how great of a runner you are or can be. So I say, rock whatever you want to rock and feel fierce doing it. Want to wear a string bikini and legwarmers to run? If it makes you feel awesome, then so be it. Be proud of who you are, what you want to wear, and own your style. Who cares what people think? Judgement is a waste of energy and only brings negativity into the world.

So yeah, if the NY Times had included more of my interview, it would've gone something like that ;) On another note, I had an awesome time doing the photo shoot. A major shout out to the incredible photographer Erin Baiano who was sweet, made me feel so comfortable, and thought I was 19. I could kiss her for that alone! It was actually fun sprinting back and forth in Central Park for 40 minutes and by the end of the shoot I was tired and sweaty but had a blast.

So, after that little rant, have I changed your mind about running skirts? What do you wear to run? Would love to hear your thoughts so leave some ink and let me know!

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