October 31, 2011

It's New York City Marathon Week!!!

Marathon week is finally here and even though I had to drop out this year, I'm still crazy excited. I'm busy making my signs, making bib # lists so I can track all my friends, checking in on folks to see how they're feeling, and getting ready to cheer my butt off on Sunday.

I'm also really excited to have been selected as a New York Road Runner Social Media Reporter for the week. I just got back from their offices where a group of us were debriefed on how we can partner with NYRR to provide race week and day coverage and tips via twitter, facebook, blogs and all the other social media platforms available. I have to give them credit, it's a great idea and I'm really excited to be a part of it. On race day, we'll be wearing these cute shirts to if you see us, stop by, say hi & tell us how your race day is going.
To kick off the week, I took a stroll through Central Park to check out how race day preparations are coming along. I love walking through the park as the race approaches; folks were out in their ING Marathon gear, I saw lots of international runners already visiting and touring the city, and took some pictures of the marathon signs decorating Central Park West.
It's going to be an incredible few days leading up to Sunday.... stay tuned for daily posts and pictures! In the meantime, here's my slideshow from last year's race to get you psyched.


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