September 9, 2011

Things That Make Me Go :)

As if the fact that it's Friday isn't reason enough to be happy, I'm feeling like there's so many going things going on right now. Perfect reason for another "Things That Make Me Go :) " post! Here goes...

1. Happiness. Enough said.

2. I meant to post this a while back but life got in the way. I don't live in San Francisco & I'm not looking for a roommate. But if I did and I was, this guy would totally be my top choice. This Craigslist add had me cracking up for hours (click on link). Warning, the guy drops the f-bomb like his life depends on it.

3. Slow Roasted Tomatoes. OMG. If you've never slow roasted tomatoes in your home before, please go out & buy tomatoes, garlic and olive oil right this minute and then do it. Your nose will thank me, I promise. I had a nice container of grape tomatoes, threw them on a tin foil lined baking sheet, tossed with some unpeeled garlic cloves and a bit of olive oil and roasted them at 300 F for 3 hours. Holy amazeballs. I kid you not. It was difficult not to eat them right them on the spot but I managed to save a few for a yummy egg, broccoli, toasted corn & roasted tomato scramble. Life can't help but feel incredible when with food like this!

4. The facebook I <3 to Run page. If you love to run, are on facebook and haven't checked out this page, you should. It's great. Full of awesome pictures, quotes and inspiration. This is probably one of my favorite posts ever. 
5. Sweat. And I have the shirt to prove it! I bought this beyond awesome tech tee to support Ali's Run for the Rabbit, raising $ for The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America. Please excuse the unattractive look on my face but turns out it's not that easy to take a decent pic of yourself in the mirror and to prove my point, I had to pick the picture with the best sweat marks. You understand, right? Anyway, you should totally get your own by clicking here.

6. Progress. I'm FINALLY working on my first Erica Sara Designs newsletter and I couldn't be more excited. I'm hoping to send one out each month, maybe more, but probably not much more unless there's something uber important to say. Because who wants to be bombarded with emails, right? In any case, I'm excited about it. Have you signed up to receive it?

 I'm sure there's plenty more for which to be grateful but it's a beautiful day in NYC and I'm dying to head to the farmer's market for some juicy heirloom tomatoes. Which probably means some sort of post about that next week. Excited? I thought so.

Until then, have a fantastic weekend everyone!!!

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