September 13, 2011


In case you haven't noticed, I stopped participating in the 365 project a while ago. I love photography but carrying around my camera all the time was getting heavy and I was overwhelmed by so many other projects on my plate. But I still take photographs from time to time and still love to share them. So here are a few I've taken in recent weeks. Enjoy!
Anderson Cooper looking dreamy reporting from downtown after (not such a) Hurricane Irene
Sunset over the water on my way home after hiking all day. Peaceful.
New York Fashion Week. Bloggers?
Union Square Greenmarket. These peaches were DIVINE.
Rugby on Randall's Island. These girls were fierce. Lesson of the day: never f*ck with a rugby player!
Man playing with giant purple balloons in Washington Square Park fountain. Enough said.
View of 9-11 Memorial at Ground Zero from G's apartment

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