August 4, 2011

Things That Make Me Go :)

Rather than take the bus, I decided to walk thru Central Park to get to my MRI this morning. I had a 7:30 appointment, so I decided to leave at 6:30, grabbing a cup of coffee on the way, and made it a leisurely stroll. It was difficult... the weather was cool and a bit breezy, perfect for an early morning run and the park was packed with runners & cyclists. For a brief moment, I was jealous. I miss running, miss the feeling of running through the breeze, breathing in the air, watching the park trees go by. To take my mind off all I was missing, I decided to make another list of all what is making me go :) right now. So here it is:

1. The beach. I've been twice so far this summer, more than last when I spent most of my time kayaking. Both days were clear & sunny, the water was refreshing, and I had awesome company and a cooler full of ice cold water and delicious fruit (aka nature's candy). What could be better. I love the beach.

2. Swimming. Yeah, I know I've already written about my new found love of swimming but I just can't get over it! It's a whole different experience than running, which will always be my true love. But swimming makes me feel strong and I get excited just thinking about it.

3. My inspiring customers. I engraved race bling to celebrate a runner's 50k and 40 mile races. How cool is that? Kick ass women!
4. Supportive and encouraging friends and family. I'm not sure I'd be handling my forced rest from running so well if it weren't for the awesome people in my life reminding me of what's important. I've gotten some great pep talks, and for the most part, no one has told me not to do the marathon; they just tell me to wait and see what happens. As a runner, it's really annoying when people tell you that you can't or shouldn't do what you love to do. I'm grateful that people have been encouraging. Thanks peeps!

5. My tofu express. I LOVE this silly little contraption! I eat tofu on a pretty regular basis and like it best when it's dense and chewy so I always press out the water. In the past, I've done this by putting the tofu on a cutting board, placing another cutting board on top, and then piling books or canned goods on top to apply pressure. Halfway thru the process, I typically hear a crash in my kitchen; the books or cans fall over, tofu juice is everywhere, a big giant mess. I was hesitant to buy the tofu express because with shipping it would cost me $50 but I bit the bullet, and began using it the minute I removed it from its packaging. I'm happy to announce it was definitely worth buying, although I still think it's too expensive (I'm frugal, what can I say), and I've used it lots already. I pressed some tofu last night and I'm hoping to use it in a Noodle & Veggie dish with peanut sesame sauce in the next day or two. Hoping it'll be delicious enough to post the recipe here!
6. Trader Joe's. When I first left my job in the wonderful world of fashion to start my own business, I figured I'd have all the time in the world to cook healthy & delicious meals every day. It seems I was wrong. Not having a set schedule means feeling like there's always work to do or errands to run, and cooking meals has fallen off my to do list way too often. Lucky for me, Trader Joe's opened across the street this year and it's made my life so much easier. I'm a huge fan of buying their prepared foods, and then jazzing them up a bit to cater to my taste buds. Lately, one of my go to meals is their Gazpacho. For $3 a container, I get two meals. I just divide the soup into two portions, add some avocado, chopped mango and fresh cilantro, maybe a sprinkle of sea salt, and have the perfect refreshing summer meal. Yay for TJ's!
7. Time. Whoever first said "time heals" was a genius. It's so true. I've been thinking a lot about who I was a year ago and I'm amazed and grateful at how well time has healed. A year ago, I was nursing a broken heart, trying to make new friends after realizing that some no longer belonged in my life, and was training for my first marathon. And now my heart is healed and beyond happy, I have incredible new friends, many of whom I met thru running, and I can proudly call myself a marathoner. I walk down the street with a smile on my face, am in a great mood way more often than not, and am usually pretty comfortable in my own skin. Life feels so good. What a difference a year makes.

So tell me, anything making you :) lately? Leave a comment and let me know. I'd love to hear from you!


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