August 19, 2011

Feeling Fortunate

I can't stop smiling; life feels pretty awesome. Two pieces of great news have me feeling fortunate and grateful.

First, I had another great PT session last night and Krista is really pleased with how I'm progressing. We started the hour with the normal stretching & deep massaging and then she had me do some side to side exercises drills to see how they felt. I had no pain while doing the exercises which she said was an excellent sign. Yay me! We then discussed the next steps and here's awesome news part 1: I get to run tomorrow! Krista's given me permission to try to run one mile at the dirt track by my apartment. Before I begin, I have a bunch of warm up moves I'm supposed to do including the side to side drills and some lunges and squats. I also have to walk around the track once to get my muscles moving and can then jog for a mile. Not more, not even if I feel great. If I feel any pain at all during the workout, I will stop without hesitation. There's no way I'm taking a chance at undoing my progress and moving backwards. I'm doing everything in my power to get better as soon as possible and refuse to do anything to jeopardize my progress.

And now for good news part 2: I have a new baby niece!!! Baby girl was born early this morning in England and from the picture I saw a few minutes ago, she's absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to meet her. And I cannot believe my big brother has five daughters! Looks like I need to plan a trip to England pretty soon to see these four girls and their new little sister.
I can't think of a better way to start the weekend. Great news, a new niece and lots of hope. I don't think I've ever posted on the weekends but I just might have to write a short one tomorrow after my run to let you know how it went. Wish me luck!

Any exciting news in your world? Something you're looking forward to this weekend?


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