August 2, 2011

95 Days Until NYCM....

... and it's now almost three weeks since I've been able to run. I haven't given up hope just yet. I don't know if that means I'm naive, delirious or just not very smart but a voice inside keeps telling me that this race might still be possible.

I went for Ortho appointment #2 last week and it's been decided that an MRI and PT are the next steps. After this examination, the doctor felt that I might actually have a problem with my Sacroiliac (SI) joint which probably occurred during last year's marathon. Since then, I've assumed that the pain in my right butt cheek was just a really bad knot that caused pain when I bent down, or ran up hills. The months of deep tissue massages, mineral salt baths, and rolling around on tennis balls & foam rollers wouldn't have helped what I thought was a knot but is actually damage to this joint, located between the sacrum & ilium of the pelvis. To compensate for the pain, I've adjusted my running form and as a result, injured my hip. I'm hoping that this week's MRI confirms this diagnosis, that it's not something serious, and that the PT which I'm beginning tonight will make everything all better.

In the meantime, my parents gifted me with a gym membership to one that has a pool so I could afford to swim a few times a week. Who knew I loved swimming so much? I joined the gym yesterday, did 7 miles on the elliptical last night, and swam 650 meters or .4 miles this morning. I feel strong, my mind is clear again, and although I still want to desperately run, I'm no longer going insane. I'm grateful.

The beautiful pool where I've been getting my swim on!
A pretty incredibly special person gave me a little pep talk this weekend and I've tried to focus on their words whenever I get down about my injury. They reminded me that I'm a marathoner, I've run a marathon before and I will run one again. But right now, I need to listen to my body and keep it safe so that I don't do any permanent damage, so that I can run again. And if it isn't this year, it won't be the end of the world and 2012 will be the year that I finally make my dream come true. My mind is strong, my body is strong and I'm in great shape. Until I have my MRI, I will keep working towards my goal in whatever capacity my body allows me and once I have more information, I'll make the decision that's best for me. Smart words coming from a fellow marathoner. I'm a very lucky girl to have people like that in my life.

So like I said, first PT session is tonight. I'm really excited to get started, to finally do for my body what I probably should've done long ago- to get smart and take care of it. People have asked me when my doctor will give me the go ahead to run again and I find the question sort of funny because I haven't been waiting for that. I've been waiting for my body to tell me that it's okay to run again. I'm hoping the message comes soon. In the meantime, I'm going to keep on keeping on.... and hope for the best.

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