March 21, 2011

NYC Half Marathon 2011

According to the calendar, Spring is here but it sure doesn't feel that way in NYC. It's dark, cold and wet (think rain & snow) but I'm in too good of a mood to care because this past weekend was awesome! After conquering two loops of Central Park on Saturday in preparation for the More Half Marathon, I spent my Sunday cheering for the thousands of runners kicking some major tush at the NYC Half Marathon.

I ran this Half last year and even though running through Times Square was pretty awesome, I decided not to try to get in since I needed a bit of a break after the Philadelphia Marathon. That left me available to cheer like crazy for all of my friends running the race and if you know me, you know I'm an expert spectator. I woke up at 5:30 am Sunday morning, layered up to brace myself against the cold morning, and headed to the park to meet Jess and Tavia for the 7:30 am start. Although it was cold, a little chill wasn't going to bother me. After all, remember the last race at which I cheered?

We watched the start on the east side and the headed quickly across the reservoir to the west side to try to catch the elites for a second time... and we missed them by mere seconds! We then hung around 86th street on the west side, where we'd promised folks we would be, stayed until the crowd thinned a bit, and jumped in a cab to arrive at mile 12 on the west side highway, only to once again miss the elites by seconds. Oh well.... I'll catch them next time. More important, we did get a chance to cheer on some friends like Baker, Maura and her brother, my beautiful friend Dani, Glenn, first time Half Marathoner Abbe, Chelsea, Hillary and Theodora multiple times which was all I really cared about. And of course, I took some pictures. By "some", I mean "hundreds". Enjoy!
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