March 29, 2011

Eva's Update

Earlier this month, I told you about Eva, a woman who was about to run her first marathon and had contacted me to design a special necklace for her. These were Eva's words to me:

"My name is Eva, and l love love your designs! I want to see if you can create me something is my story. I have been fighting leukemia for about 7 yrs, at the moment am in remission, hopefully for a longer time this time around, either way am grateful, am also running my 1st Full Marathon ( Publix Marathon in Atlanta, GA). Is there something you can suggest or help me put together, I prefer a necklace I can wear, everyday....."

Since then, I've received quite a few messages asking me for updates on Eva. Well I'm happy to report that she kicked some major marathon butt and is officially a MARATHONER! Once again, she has given me permission to share an email she sent the other day:

"To my friends and Uncle.
I am not sure where to start, each one of of u has been had a great impact in life may it be a ride to the hospital, making me laugh, calling to check on me, bringing me food and making sure its healthy, prayers etc. l am truly blessed.

A few months ago, l decided to beat the odds and run a full marathon, despite the many health issues , and disagreements with my doctors, l signed up.

Today, l am happy to say, l am a MARATHONER, it took me 5hrs and 37 Mins but l finished.

Now, when l share my story, i can also say am a runner.

Thank you to all for your support, and to my uncle who is nothing less than a blessing, u can now say u have a niece who is a marathoner.

Enjoy the pics !!!


Isn't she incredible? A major congratulations to Eva! You are an incredible inspiration to me and I'm sure, to many others as well. I am honored to welcome you to the club!


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