February 2, 2011

Things That Make Me Go :)

As I mentioned yesterday, great things have been happening in my world lately! I thought I'd take a minute to fill you in. Here are the things that have made me go :) in the last week:

1. A magazine contacted me last week & they want to include ESD Marathon Bling in an upcoming issue!!! I'm obviously honored and so excited. But I don't want to jinx it so that's all I'll say for now.

2. My first NYC trunk show at Exhale Spa is in a few days and I can't wait. My last few weeks have been spent working, working and working for this big event and I love some of the new pieces I've designed. Perhaps a sneak peak before the end of the week?

3. And speaking of the trunk show... Fit Chick in the City blogged about it this week. It was awesome waking up and seeing that post on my screen. Thanks Jess!

4. My quiche recipe was posted on Foodgawker & Dishfolio this week. Wooohoo!
 5.Yesterday, I was invited to apply for the 2011 Daily Mile team and I'm so honored!  In the end, only 30 people will be selected based on videos we have to submit. The Daily Mile community will vote. Oh boy, I have to make a video by 2/7!
6.When I checked my email yesterday, I saw a message with the subject "I love my necklace!" So cool, right? I received these two beautiful emails from a customer yesterday and it reminded me why I love what I do.
"I just received my order of the ocean necklace and wanted to tell you
its beautiful, I love it! In fact, I love all of your pieces and hope
to order more!"

"PS I've had quite a few compliments on my  necklace 
from my co-workers and have passed your Web site around the office - 
everyone loves it!"

7. And finally, NYC is a beautiful winter wonderland. How lovely!

So tell me, what are some things that are making you go :) today?

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