February 8, 2011

Oscar Worthy?

About a week ago, I noticed this little message on my Daily Mile home page:
So I clicked on it, and was directed to this page:
A video? Well sure, I could do that! So I made this:
For better quality, feel free to check it out here. Always so much fun to see yourself in video isn't it? And yes, that is sarcasm you detect ;) Let the fun poking begin!!!

Now for some thoughts after the fact:
  1. A special thanks to the two runner girls behind me in the beginning of the video. Such a nice guest appearance.
  2. How awesome was my Bat Mitzvah dress? I think it was custom designed to match my perm.
  3. Yes, that is a red scrunchi in my mother's hair in my Bat Mitzvah picture!
  4. Weren't the early 90's glorious?
  5. No wonder people think I'm 16. My voice sounds like a child's!
  6. I can't marry Federer because Daily Mile holds the key to my heart. But also, cause he's not Jewish. But Noah Puckerman is a member of the tribe! Call me Puck ;)
  7.  Before he gave me a hug, Busta Rhymes called me "white girl" and I couldn't stop laughing. I kid you not.
  8. It's very difficult to run downhill when the hill is covered in ice. Just saying.
  9. Do I really flare my nostrils that much when I speak? Hmmm...I need to work on that

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