January 21, 2011

Honey Ginger Lemon Tea

The start of this week was a good one. My mojo was going strong and I was excited to start building up some weekly running mileage again. I had even planned out my workout schedule for the week:  Refine Method on Monday, kickboxing on Tuesday and Friday, and 4-5 runs mixed in. So Monday night, when Dori suggested I join her and Ben at Refine method for another tush kicking workout, I couldn't resist. And why not get my run in at the same time, right? I layered up, put on my gloves and hat, and ran the almost two miles to Refine where once again, Brynn, whipped us into shape. By the end of the hour, my legs were jello and my glutes were cramping. It felt awesome. I ran home the same route, through a cold and crisp Central Park covered with snow and I felt incredible; I felt alive. I'm pretty sure I had one of my signature "happy I'm running" silly smiles on my face the entire time. Yeah sure, I might've slipped on ice a block from my apartment and twisted my ankle and wrist, but I shook it off and finished my run home feel strong.

And then two hours later, I felt like crap. It hit me like a bus and came out of no where. Intense chest congestion and a horrible cough took over and I realized, just like that, my mojo inspired workout week would have to wait. I tried to wake up for kickboxing the next morning but decided not to go since my teacher is pregnant and that wouldn't be fair to her. I was so frustrated; my motivation was being crushed by this silly cold! I did my best to stage an immediate attack on the cold: mucinex, tylenol cold, tylenol pm, orange juice, etc... but to no avail. My cough was getting worse and my throat was now shredded and sore. Sexy, yes I know.

And then one of my running, blogging, tweeting, facebooking and all around good guy friends, Baker, came to the rescue. Baker offered his recipe for Honey Ginger Lemon Tea, aka Baker's Magic Elixir to soothe my throat and help loosen up the gunk in my chest. Within an hour, a friend who lives in my neighborhood went food shopping for me & dropped off all the ingredients, and I set to creating this delicious concoction. I'm so happy I did. This stuff is good! At the risk of sounding even sexier, within a few hours, my throat started to feel better and the gunk started to come up in chunks (I warned you, didn't I?). Yay! Now, I'm no Dr and neither is Baker so please don't consider this recipe medical advice. But this tea did indeed seem to be magic for me. I still don't have a voice and I'm not 100% clear but at least I can breathe and swallow. That's a start right? I'm actually drinking a mug as I write this post. It's just that yummy. And now for the recipe....


Honey Ginger Lemon Tea aka Baker's Magic Elixir
makes a whole lot of tea
  1. In a large pot bring 2 gallons (roughly) of water to a boil.
  2. Peel and shred fresh ginger (equal to your fist balled up and then some) and add into water.
  3. Let it simmer for 30 minutes covered.
    Cut 2-3 lemons in quarters, squeeze juice into mix and then throw the squeezed lemons in as well.Add in 5-10 green tea bags.
  4. Mix in 1 jar of honey. The better quality kind of course. Do not add in the kind with the wax in it. (Crappy honey= disaster)
  5. Once the mix has steeped for another 15-30 strain it.
As per Baker:
"You have now made the most delicious Honey Lemon Ginger Tea.
Drink it ALL day! It will soothe your throat and flush out toxins."

Thanks Baker!

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