January 6, 2011

A Wish List

I've never been big on making New Year's Resolutions because I know myself too well. I would never follow through on them. And not because I'm lazy or lack motivation but because my mind changes, and what I feel is important one day may just may not feel that important the next day.

Do you ever have those really moments when everything seems a bit clear and you feel just plain happy? I had so many off those during 2010 and had quite a few of them during my recent trip to California. The trip really opened my eyes and reminded me of so many things I love to do but never seem to make the time for. I tell myself that I'll have more time to hike in the Spring, or that one day, I'll take that trip to Wherever to do Whatever. And then time just passes.

So this year I thought I'd start a new New Year's tradition for myself. My wish list. It's pretty simple. I just jotted down all the wishes that popped in my head. Things I love to do, want to do, hope to be; things I dream of. They aren't resolutions and they aren't goals. The list is just a reminder to myself of what I want my life to be, what I want it to look like, how I want to fill it for now, how I want to live.
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So how about you? What's on your wish list for 2011?

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  1. I love this idea of making a wish list. My wish list would be travel, building my business and making a big leap away from my teaching career! (You are a major inspiration for that!)