December 7, 2010

Yoga Lover's Gift Guide


Yes, it's another gift guide. I can't help it! The holiday season has gotten to me & I've officially failed at my shopping diet. Here are some of my favorite gift ideas for yoga lovers. Hint, hint, hint ;)

1. This Gaiam Tree of Life Yoga Tote is simple & I love the tree design.
2. The Wild Buddha Design Ganesh Sweatshirt is cozy & so cute
3.  How about a subscription to Yoga Journal . Each issue is full of great articles, recipes and easy to follow instructions for poses and vinyasas.
4. Or maybe a gift certificate to a local yoga studio.
5. I'm also loving Alo Yogawear. They carry pretty & feminine pieces that are perfect for throwing over your yoga clothing on the way to class.
6. A new yoga mat is always a great gift. This one is the Eco Yoga Mat, perfect for a healthy yoga practice & a happy environment. Don't you love all the colors?
7. The Om Namah Shivayah necklace, because what girl doesn't love jewelry?!?
8. I can't remember how I survived Bikram classes without my hot yoga towel. I love this Kulae Hot Yoga Towel because it's affordable and comes in really lovely colors.
9. And what yoga gift guide would be complete without something from Lululemon ;)


  1. I love this! I want to start taking yoga again and need to find a studio here in Chicago that isn't too far away so I can actually make it when it's freezing outside.

    I love the yoga mat and of course LOVE anything from lululemon!

  2. Danielle, you should totally start again!