December 15, 2010

Gluten Free French Toast

Some people celebrate the eight days of Chanukah (& yes, I'm one of those people). Some celebrate 12 days of Christmas. Lately, I've been celebrating two weeks of gluten free french toast. It's true, I'm completely obsessed.

It all began with a box of Gluten Free Pantry's French Bread & Pizza Mix. Although I prefer to make bread from scratch so I can use my preferred gluten free flours, I keep a box of this mix on hand for those moments when I want bread and just don't want to think. This mix also happens to make a pretty fantastic pizza.
About two weeks ago, the box in my cupboard came in handy and I baked a beautiful loaf of gluten free bread. I devoured a piece right out of the oven spread with Earth Balance- delicious! But the real excitement came the next morning when I realized I could make french toast. My favorite! And the same excitement occurred again the next morning, and then the morning after that, and after that... and now two weeks later and several loafs of bread baked, I am still in french toast heaven. Is there a French Toast Eater's Anonymous? If so, please sign me up.

The good news for all of you is that I've taken the time to concoct a bazillion (or maybe just a few) ways to make this perfect breakfast treat. So if you LOVE french toast as much as I do, here are some ideas to celebrate your own french toast marathon!

Flavor the egg batter with...
-fresh vanilla bean. If you don't have vanilla beans on hand, vanilla extract will do the trick.
-almond extract. Just remember, a little but will go a long way.
-fresh lemon or orange zest
-low fat coconut milk (soooo gooood!!!)
-pureed pumpkin
-chai spices

Coat the bread with....
- unsweetened shredded coconut (especially delicious when the bread has been soaked in coconut milk)
-crushed almonds

Stuff with...
-apple pie filling (homemade, not the horrible canned stuff)
-ricotta cheese & berries

Top the french toast with...
-homemade applesauce
-caramelized bananas
-berries sauce (puree defrosted berries of your choice)
-pumpkin butter (Trader Joe's is pretty fantastic)

Here is a picture of day 1's version: homemade gluten free bread soaked in vanilla bean egg batter and topped with cinnamon and pumpkin butter. Pure bliss.
french toast
So tell me... how do you like your french toast?


  1. my french toast never looks like yours! perhaps I need to buy this mix and give a try. love all of your different ways to make it too :)

  2. oh i've never even thought of gluten free french toast! i think i have the same box of mix in my pantry ...

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