November 19, 2010

A New Mantra

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I am on a bus to Philadelphia right now, on the road to the city where I'll run my first full marathon. I had planned to use this time to write a great post all about my current thoughts on the marathon and what I'm grateful for. But this bus has horrible internet service & I'm having trouble getting it all online! So, I'll leave you with the above mantra for now and post my original thoughts a bit later.
This image popped up on my facebook wall this morning and I thought it was perfect timing. I hope you're all enjoying a beautiful Friday!
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  1. Good luck on Sunday! Maybe I'll see you running! It's looking like the perfect day to run a marathon...

  2. Yay! Marathon time! Enjoy a relaxing bus ride and GOOD LUCK at the marathon! You're going to rock it!

  3. Good luck in Philly! You're ready for this and can definitely rock the race! Have fun!!

  4. Great Mantra! Congrats on Philly! can't wait to read your race recap!